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inSync is a U.S. based full-service provider of consulting and staffing solutions for IT, engineering and other professional staff (i.e. accounting and finance, administrative, customer service, healthcare, human resources, manufacturing, marketing/sales, and operations). InSync currently supports more than 30 VMS program customers with employees in over 40 states.

inSync Staffing’s management team recognized the inevitable changes to the staffing industry being brought about by technology and the growing trend of Fortune 1000 corporations to outsource management of their contingent workforces to meet compliance and cost control goals. Rather than swim upstream against the changes, InSync Staffing has embraced MSP and VMS programs as our customers, not competitors. We have structured inSync Staffing as a recruiting and customer service organization, unlike traditional staffing companies who sell directly to the end client. inSync delivery model allows us to concentrate our resources on how to best supply candidates in a very competitive MSP/VMS program environment.

inSync's Philosophy is:

• Built around recognizing your program management team as our customer, not a competitor or a gatekeeper to work around.

• To be focused on recruiting for programs and not managing them, so we have no conflicts of interest with you — our customer.

• To be as operationally efficient as possible to provide cost savings to our customers while running a sustainable business.